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Tevia Arnold

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Making Private Label and Consumer Brands Work Together On-Shelf

Private-label sales had a banner year in 2023, but looking forward, retailers also need to strike a balance between private label and national brands on shelves. Learn how predictive analytics can help retailers develop optimized assortments between private label and national brands.

The Innovation Conversation: Data Illuminated

In this episode of “The Innovation Conversation,” former Amazon executive Tom Furphy, now the CEO of Consumer Equity Partners, and the Morning News Beat’s Kevin Coupe explore the impact of Walmart’s Luminate data on retailer-manufacturer collaboration.

Decoding AI for CPGs: A Path to Category Management Success

Curious about integrating AI into your category management practices? Join us for this panel discussion with retail industry veterans and former category and sales leaders at Coca-Cola, Walmart and Nike as they discuss AI adoption in the CPG world.

Outsourcing Software Development: It’s Changed With AI

According to IBM, the leading barrier to AI adoption is talent. In this Forbes Technology Council article, Shaveer Mirpuri, shares insight to help CPGs as they consider staff augmentation partners to accelerate AI initiatives.

[Video] CPG brands’ AI ambition might be weighed down by ‘digital debt’

CPG brands increasingly rely on AI technologies to crunch large data stores and find insight to win in the market, but many are falling short of their digital transformation goals due to outdated technology, Capri Brixey, EVP, strategy consulting at Insite AI, told FoodNavigator-USA in a video interview.

Why AI Projects Fail 

Explore the reasons behind the high failure rate, from limited or under-used data to the importance of customizing AI models, and the necessity of continued learning and resources. Insite AI offers solutions to these challenges, harmonizing data, creating custom AI models, and fostering a culture of ongoing learning, ensuring brands can proactively utilize AI for insightful, accurate predictive analytics and long-term success.

The Art Of Assembling An Industry-Recognized Leadership Team To Best Serve Consumer Brands

At Insite AI, we pride ourselves in creating a company culture that fosters innovation, collaboration, and agility. Leveraging our team’s firsthand expertise in CPG, Retail, and AI, we provide genuinely valuable insights and impactful recommendations to the market. In this Forbes Technology Council article, Insite AI Founder & CEO, Shaveer Mirpuri, shares guidance for assembling a truly differentiated industry-recognized team. View article. About […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Joint Business Planning

In the dynamic world of retail, collaboration is key to success. During a recent panel discussion, Mastering Joint Business Planning: An Insider’s Guide, we sat down with a former VP of Sales at Coca-Cola, Capri Brixey, and a former VP of Merchandising at Walmart, Kristine Joji, to share their experience and insights into what makes a successful JBP. 

The CPG’s Guide to AI

Research confirms leading consumer brands who harness the value of consumer insights and artificial intelligence (AI) better predict the needs of their customers. By turning mounds of overwhelming data into actionable intelligence, these CPGs are scoring big with retailers and end consumers alike.