The Art Of Assembling An Industry-Recognized Leadership Team To Best Serve Consumer Brands

At Insite AI, we pride ourselves in creating a company culture that fosters innovation, collaboration, and agility. Leveraging our team’s firsthand expertise in CPG, Retail, and AI, we provide genuinely valuable insights and impactful recommendations to the market.

In this Forbes Technology Council article, Insite AI Founder & CEO, Shaveer Mirpuri, shares guidance for assembling a truly differentiated industry-recognized team. View article.

About the Author

Shaveer Mirpuri | Co-Founder & CEO

Former exec and board of 2 early stage VC backed companies (IPO and acquired). Subsequently invested in 15 tech companies in e-commerce, AI, consumer brands, and manufacturing, including 3 JVs with F500 corporates. Prior consultant to Walmart’s ex CEO on AI. American Chamber of Commerce named 2019 top 3 in entrepreneurship.