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Our AI and strategic consulting teams have been in your seat and can guide you in how best to approach your unique challenges within your organization. They will work with you to develop a tailored strategy to help you optimize your product assortment, pricing, trade promotions, space, demand planning, and new product innovations in minutes versus weeks or months.

Executive Leadership

Achieve Your Vision. Enable Agility. Accelerate Growth.

Is your organization “just getting by”, running from one disruption to the next? Are multibillion dollar decisions being made using spreadsheets and perhaps gut feel? Insite AI empowers CPGs to make faster, more informed data-driven decisions to optimize product assortment, space allocation, pricing, and promotions. These decisions can be made in minutes versus weeks or months, giving your workforce the ability to be more strategic. Create detailed product and channel level demand forecasts to support strategic planning, portfolio evaluation and M&A opportunities. Our team of strategic advisors becomes an extension of your team, enabling you to do more with less.

Revenue Growth & Trade Management

Optimize Price & Promotions. Grow Revenue.

Are your customers approaching their breaking point due to inflationary pricing? How accurately can you predict customer demand today? Are your pricing and promotional strategies current? Insite AI helps leading CPGs grow brand share by providing actionable insights and recommendations to optimize product positioning, pricing, and promotions, ultimately increasing brand visibility and preference among consumers. By optimizing pricing strategies, identifying growth opportunities, and aligning with changing consumer preferences, Insite AI enables brands to drive sales and increase market share. With our comprehensive understanding of the market based upon decades of experience and a data-driven approach, Insite AI empowers brands to make informed decisions, maximize revenue potential, and stay ahead in a competitive landscape.


Category Advisory

Optimize Your Assortment. Enhance Retail Partnerships. Grow Share.

Are you able to answer your retail partners category questions? Do you have the data and insights required to stay ahead of emerging trends and disruptions in the industry? We have helped brands achieve category leadership at some of the largest retail chains in the world. We play a vital role in improving retail partnerships by enabling collaborative discussions, by offering comprehensive data analysis on category performance, consumer and competitive behavior, we help CPGs and retailers develop mutually beneficial strategies. Our CPG-tailored, and fully customizable AI-powered approach, empowers category leaders to make data-driven decisions, allowing them to respond quickly to market trends and opportunities. Leveraging all internal, retailer, loyalty, and syndicated data, we enable category advisors to accurately forecast and meet consumer demand.


Sales & Account Management

Outperform the competition. Grow revenue. Expand market share.

Are you concerned about your ability to achieve your sales targets amidst growing economic uncertainty? Are you losing shelf space? Increased competition, evolving consumer behavior, growing competition, and vast amounts of data require sales teams to be agile, customer-centric, tech-savvy, and continuously adapt to the changing market landscape. Insite AI empowers sales teams to secure shelf space and grow sales volume by providing actionable insights, trend monitoring, data analytics, performance tracking, and facilitating joint business planning. Consistently outperform the competition, grow revenue, and expand market share.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our results are unmatched. We give consumer brands the flexibility and agility to accelerate business performance, innovation, and growth.

  • “We are now category leaders at Walmart thanks to Insite AI.”

  • “The ONLY AI partner that truly understands our unique needs as a CPG.”

  • “Insite AI has helped us to grow our brand share.”

  • “Insite AI has enabled me to do more with less.”

  • “What used to take us weeks or months, now takes us hours.”


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