Assortment Optimization

We can custom-build a solution just for you.

A Category Strategy & Assortment Optimization Solution you can Trust

Our individualized, tailored-for-you AI platform empowers you to better understand and target your products and retail accounts–to any level of granularity. Build the optimal product range & mix. Understand, not just historical and current performance, but accurately look forward to project the expected performance of potential category range scenarios and strategies you plan to put forward.

Easy and Accurate

Building and optimizing assortments & space plans has never been easier–or more accurate. Insite AI’s platform is driven by your business rules to ensure a best-fit for your organization’s product, and retail channel’s expectations—and your financial targets. Run manual or AI-driven scenarios at macro-or detailed levels. Review actual performance against expected results and make adjustments to keep plans on track.

Achieve and Maintain Category Leadership

Are you confident you have the right product mix? Harness the capabilities of AI/ML science combined with our Consumer Brands industry expertise into your assortment planning process for improved decision-making. Our end-to-end Assortment Planning services and capabilities will increase your revenue and align both the process and the roles and responsibilities within your organization. So, now you can predict the best localized assortment plan for retailer adoption by establishing a consistent framework, common “mental model,” and a standardized, yet flexible, toolset.

With our Assortment Optimization tool you’ll be able to determine the right:


  • Product Mix
  • Breadth
  • Depth


  • Outlets
  • Clusters
  • POG


  • POG Spacing


  • Floorsets
  • Time-Period

Finally, you’ll be able to have a Revenue Growth Management strategy based on understanding of current and future customers’ shopping behaviors. Insite AI’s Assortment Optimization solution gives you detailed predictions of incrementality, elasticities, and consumer segment behaviors. You’ll be able to optimize clusters for every dimension, including portfolio and category assortment. And by improving the end-to-end assortment process you and your retail partners will both see improved revenue and margin growth.

Our Technology

Accelerate Business Performance, Grow Market Share, and Create Stronger Relationships with Your Retail Partners.