About Insite AI

Insite AI was formed around the single vision of giving Consumer Goods manufacturers and Consumer Brands the ability to take their category management and revenue cycle management efforts to the next level—autonomous, accurate optimization and decision-making using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The Insite AI team behind the vision comes from leading CPGs and who led their companies’ strategic efforts at C-Suite, EVP, and SVP level. They brought their experiences—and frustrations– from existing off-the-shelf “black box” products that never lived up to their promises. We committed to build what the industry really needs: a fully customizable AI-based platform that enables autonomous decision-making and creates a connected assortment strategy, category and pricing execution and trade promotion environment.

A solution built on AI and customer partnership that gives CPGs and Consumer Brands the most “explain-ability”, foresight, and granularity that results in an unprecedented quality of decision-making. Whether you are well on your way with your AI journey or just beginning to explore what it can do for your organization, leaders are finding Insite AI the best possible partner to achieve their vision.