Predictive Market Analytics

We can custom-build a solution just for you.

Withstand Disruption on the Horizon. Predict Where Demand is Going.

Our predictive AI engine enables you to see the future. It ingests multiple and disparate internal and external data sources to deliver explainable and contextual Demand Forecasting results at the most granular level. So, now you can more accurately predict daily and weekly demand – by Core Market, Channel, Retailer, Category and even Sub-Category. It also enables you to create a market forecast at the most granular and localized level, to generate the most accurate views of future product, channel and buying behavior.

And because you need to make decisions now that will take affect in the future, our Demand Forecasting allows you to understand your different Consumer Segments, Geography, Consumer Movement, Trends and Buying Patterns across a multi-year horizon by anticipating your customers’ needs and underlying demand drivers.

Unmatched Predictive Accuracy

Rather than making product assortment, planogram, and promotion plans on a cyclical basis using only historical evidence, Insite’s AI platform generates predictive decisions on millions of products and stores, at the granularity you need, all the way down to an individual SKU on a shelf in a single store location.

Influence Your Retail Channels

Our AI platform uses millions and even billions of data points to simulate possible primary and downstream effects from each proposed change: adding, removing, or maintaining SKUs, changing prices, trade discounts, and more. You’ll see the impact of shelf-level assortment and promotion decisions before they happen, so you don’t need to wait months to find out whether your product mix decision was the best one.

Connected and Fully Explainable Planning

You’ll be able to understand exactly how your products will sell at specific stores, what the effects of adding or removing SKUs will be at the local level, and how competitor and cross-channel product changes will affect overall demand. The impact of assortment rationalization efforts is made visible with our advanced demand transference and cross elasticity capability. Taken all together, the result is a “connected planning” process, letting you take the entire scenario into consideration for the best possible results.

Our Technology

Accelerate Business Performance, Grow Market Share, and Create Stronger Relationships with Your Retail Partners.

An End-to-End AI-Powered Prediction and Optimization Engine

All running within your cloud environment so you can continually learn and optimize in real time, based on actual data and events, to drive meaningful growth.

Hosted Within Your Cloud Environment

Everything is done within your cloud environment, which allows you to remain in charge. You can review and use the outputs in whichever system, tool, or format you prefer.

Data & Analysis

Connect every data point and each related factor and analyze every dimension to ensure all facets are able to be considered. You’ll be able to leverage both traditional and alternative data points and formats.

AI & Simulation Engine

Millions of scenarios are simulated for every request to continually determine best available decisions for optimal execution against rigid KPIs.

Machine Learning

Behavior mapping for each data component at time of ingestion to monitor and use all past, present, and possible future data to make connected decisions.


Business rules can be built, reused, or modified at any time to keep up with changing demands and meet evolving challenges. Or, let Insite AI take everything into consideration and then make autonomous decisions

Decisions Over Insights

Other providers give you predictions or suggestions, forcing you to determine which actions to take. Insite AI simulates every scenario, then serves you the best decisions with which actions to take so you can act more quickly with confidence.