Order Optimization

We can custom-build a solution just for you.

In pursuit of writing the perfect store order, DSD (direct to store delivery) companies often face challenges involved with complex store networks and lack visibility to accurate forecasts. The perfect store order requires optimization on millions of store-item-day combinations, a monumental task that simply can’t be achieved with limited human personnel and resources.

At Insite AI, our objective is clear: to provide an integrated and AI-driven ordering solution that establishes end-to-end connectivity between consumer demand and execution. The end result: increases to DSD companies’ top and bottom line through improving on-shelf availability, enabling upsell opportunities, and reducing excess inventory and markdown cost.

Planning and Forecasting

Having the perfect order means starting with the best-in-class planning and forecasting data as foundational inputs. Our approach begins with ingesting your internal data and harmonizing it with retailer POS, market factors, and other layering data sources to generate a strategic outlook of what’s to come. That planning data is then transformed into a more granular forecast and overlaid against day-to-day shipment, inventory, and POS data to help optimize ordering.

    Intelligent Ordering

    With the implementation of AI-assisted ordering, DSD companies can expect to transition from manual order writing to a more automated and objective-seeking approach. Human-in-the-loop will remain a key component to our ordering solution, which will allow business users to make adjustments due to unplanned scenarios. Insite AI offers a configurable user interface, in both mobile and desktop versions, along with data feeds for clients who wish to utilize their current systems.

      Perfect Execution

      Insite AI closes the loop on Intelligent Ordering by empowering DSD workforce to capture OSA issues at the stores. Using our proprietary computer vision algorithm that’s compatible with Android and iOS, a quick 30-second shelf scan captures a myriad of data points that can improve future forecast and ordering accuracy.

      Our Technology

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