Elevating Shopper Research: AI Knows What Consumers Are Buying Tomorrow

As featured on Consumer Goods Technology

From chatbots to inventory management, the use of AI in retail continues to grow, but how can brands use AI to understand the desires of shoppers? In a recent guest post with Consumer Goods Technology, Gopal Tadiparthi, head of ML/AI, discusses how AI-driven insights can uncover what consumers want today and what they will be buying tomorrow.

About the Author

Gopalakrishna (Gopal) Tadiparthi | SVP of Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

As the Head of ML / AI, Gopal focuses on addressing consumer brands’ key challenges, helping them transition from BI to AI while maintaining impactful outcomes. With a PhD in Computer Science and prior experience as the Director of Analytics and Applied Data Science at dunnhumby focusing on Kroger, Meijer, Wholefoods, and Raley’s, he has a proven track record of applying data-driven solutions to enhance retail operations, including optimizing pricing, promotions, space, assortment, and category management, resulting in significant improvements for customers.