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Demand Transference: Making Data-Driven Assortment Choices and Tradeoffs

In this webinar CPG and Artificial Intelligence Experts from Insite AI will discuss how to incorporate AI into your CatMan and RGM processes. We specifically discuss using AI-driven Demand Transference and Omni-Channel Modeling to drive improved decision-making to improve your competitiveness and strengthen your channel relationships.

Tough Questions to Answer If You Want Category Captaincy

Retailers expect more than ever from their CPG partners as they face growing shopping challenges, keeping up with consumer demand, and adjusting to ever-evolving trends. If you want the ever-valuable category captaincy, be prepared to answer these questions. If You Want Category Captaincy, Prepare to Answer These Tough Questions from Retailers As retailers face growing […]

Unlock Agility by Making Sense of Demand Transference

Consumer preference and behavior changes lead CPGs to renovate and rationalize their portfolios while satisfying retailer needs. But being mindful of how demand transfer affects both sides allows for optimal assortment mixes and accurate transferable demand calculations. Making Sense of Transfer Demand to Unlock CPG Agility Consumer needs are changing fast and a new innovation […]

Funding Incremental Growth With AI

Selecting the right AI solutions to for your category, pricing, and assortment decisions can reduce inventory costs, improve forecast accuracy, and enhance the customer experience. By leveraging these solutions, CPGs can fund incremental growth and achieve their business objectives. How to Choose an AI Solution for Pricing and Assortment Optimization Choosing the right solution for […]

Funding Incremental Growth Through Effective Trade Promotion Optimization

How does product demand with price change? And, how does your pricing affect sales volume and margins? Keep these factors in mind to harness the power of pricing elasticity and make the best decisions. Avoid Costly Pricing Mistakes by Getting to Grips with Price Elasticity PRICE ELASTICITY PRIORITIES Put simply, price elasticity measures how demand […]