Funding Incremental Growth With AI

Selecting the right AI solutions to for your category, pricing, and assortment decisions can reduce inventory costs, improve forecast accuracy, and enhance the customer experience. By leveraging these solutions, CPGs can fund incremental growth and achieve their business objectives.

How to Choose an AI Solution for Pricing and Assortment Optimization

Choosing the right solution for critical assortment and pricing decisions means a CPG must practice a lot of due diligence to find the right fit. Having worked across CPGs and teams at all levels, from the c-suite to VPs and category managers, here are some of the questions you should be asking as you evaluate a data science, analytics, or AI-based solution:

  1. Protect the IP that is the heart of your CPG’s strategic competitive advantage

    There is nothing more precious than the capabilities, knowledge, and unique intellectual property that’s been crafted over decades (or even hundreds of years in some cases). You want to be sure that any analytics, data-science, or AI-powered solution is going to protect the integrity of these hard-won trade secrets. Therefore, choose a solution that sits within your own private cloud, where no data, learnings, or proprietary information is ever going to leave the organization.

  2. Choose a solution built for CPGs and Consumer Brands

    AI is often misunderstood. Some of the world’s largest software companies have promised it as being the remedy to an endless number of business challenges. While some of that might be true, they haven’t always done a good job of explaining what AI or data science actually means for specific business functions in a tangible, applied way. Some promote an AI or data science platform that ends up being completely generic – these solutions are often sold as solving any type of business problem. But, we’re often shown that being all things to everyone makes a master of none. Software and technology without consulting is just a tool, and that tool often ends up being challenging to use and without the promised results. Rather, it’s important to look for a purpose-built solution that’s able to be customized for each unique business case, that serves specific needs, and is able to be intentionally constructed to solve CPG-focused assortment, pricing, demand, and category management challenges.

    • Think about the importance of solving specific problems instead buying a piece of technology

      Start with your specific business problems and translate those into a custom solution that works for stakeholders across your enterprise. This allows for a bespoke solution to be built for individual needs, rather than trying to solve individual problems with a broad solution. CPGs may operate in the same industry, but their IP, modes of operation, and go-to-market strategies vary wildly. Solving big, unique problems is never going to be about buying a piece of technology or a solution that works right out of the box. Instead, look for an AI company whose domain experts will get to know your CPG’s business, its unique challenges, and how best to solve them. Then, get those experts to build a custom solution to do the job by producing desired outcomes.