Navigating Economic Uncertainty: How Shifting Data is Revolutionizing the CPG Relationship

Data is Shifting the CPG-Retailer Relationship (featured on MarketScale podcast)

CPGs and retailers have always had strong ties. With consumer behavior shifts, more competition, and new technology tools, that relationship is evolving. In the center of the CPG-retailer relationship are AI and machine learning.

In this podcast, we explore the ways in which shifting economic trends are transforming the customer relationship between CPG companies and consumers. Join our host and expert guests as they share insights on how to leverage data to gain a competitive edge, foster innovation, and drive growth in uncertain times.

Through real-world stories and practical advice, you’ll discover new ways to think about data and learn how to use it to create meaningful connections with your customers. Whether you’re a seasoned industry veteran or just starting out, Navigating Economic Uncertainty offers valuable insights and actionable strategies to help you succeed in today’s challenging market.

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