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Brooke Hodierne

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The Candy Aisle Renaissance: From Impulse Buys to Strategic Category Growth

In today’s dynamic and highly competitive market, candy brands are constantly seeking innovative ways to stay ahead. With predictive data, brands can accurately forecast consumer demand, anticipate market trends and tailor their assortments accordingly. Not only does this enhance profitability but it fosters a more personalized and satisfying experience for candy enthusiasts.

Fueling Growth: AI Unleashed in the Energy Drink Industry

The energy market has evolved considerably over the last 30 years. In the dynamic world of energy drinks, AI holds the key to success. Whether its volume, shifting brand loyalty or cross category migration, retailers need to know what will happen next—not yesterday–to maximize profits in valuable selling space. 

Beers & Sunshine: How Brewers Can Lead the Season Through Assortment and Space Elasticity

The most important months for alcohol sales are underway. Brands across the CPG space can refine and optimize assortments, space planning and trade promotions through AI modeling. Machine learning distills the months of manual work required to understand movements and trends within a category to minutes. AI serves as an accelerant to internal teams and ways of working.

How CPGs Can Move Beyond Price (Featured on Path to Purchase)

Amid the current inflation cooldown, retailers and consumers are over price hikes. It’s now on brands to implement strategies that drive organic volume growth. Retailers are seeking brand partners with knowledge and data that lifts a total category and moves products. Consumers want prices back to normal.

Seeing AI Through a Practical Lens (Featured on C-Store Dive)

There’s a lot of noise around AI and what it can or cannot do. In this article, Brooke Hodierne, former SVP of Merchandising at 7-Eleven explores the practical applications and challenges of implementing AI in the convenience store industry.

CPGs & Joint Business Planning: A Retailer’s POV

Former SVP of Merchandising at 7-Eleven, Brooke Hodierne, shares a retailer’s perspective on how CPGs can improve the Joint Business Planning (JBP) process by leveraging more accurate and intelligent predictive analytics to work more collaboratively to “gap close”.