Winning the Retail Space War with Predictive Modeling

40% improvement in assortment trade-off accuracy

What we did

One of the largest brands in the consumables sector wanted to understand how to utilize its store space within Target for optimal results. Applying innovative AI components to develop space elasticity models, we refined the brand’s planning process with calculations and forecasting that identified how space affects profit- ability and sales demand to arrive at their ideal strategy. Insite AI become an extension of their team, providing the support and resources they needed to ensure they achieved their goals through data, adoption, and guidance.

increase in profit
with the same amount of shelf space


We empowered the Category, Assortment, and Space planning and analytics leaders with critical insights to rapidly simulate multiple scenarios and accurately forecast effects on sales, margins, volume, and demand. Leveraging predictive modeling, our platform delivered insights for maximizing productivity and profitability so the team could determine the ideal plan for each store layout.

Reduced planning cycle time from months to days


With Insite AI, this major consumer brand quickly identified the best use of in-store space. The brand can now swiftly hone its on-shelf facings, arrangements, and structures at the planogram level and defend its plan within Target. Even with competing priorities, limited budget, and resource constraints, the company priori- tized working with Insite AI. This technology has been identified as mission-critical at the executive level and the team members involved have received recognition internally for their efforts.

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