More than Halloween: Maximizing consumer trends in candy (Featured in Candy Industry)

While Halloween plays a significant role in these figures, other factors, such as affordability and the appeal of guilt-free indulgence, are driving candy sales year-round. Predictive analytics and AI offer candy brands opportunities to optimize current trends, including pricing and promotions and assortment optimization. These technologies can help brands identify new trends and regional variations, such as the growth of novelty and nostalgia candies. With AI, candy brands can make data-driven decisions to maximize their presence and foster ongoing growth in the candy category.

The candy category is a crowded one. With predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, candy brands can make more informed decisions, maximize their presence in stores, and collaborate with retailers to foster continued growth in the candy category beyond Halloween.

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About the Author

Brooke Hodierne serves as EVP of strategy consulting for Insite AI. She previously worked at 7-Eleven as SVP of merchandising for the leading c-store. Before joining 7-Eleven, she held multiple positions at Giant Eagle, notably as VP of own brands.