CPG Matters: How to Accelerate ROI from a Walmart Luminate Investment

In this guest article by Kristine Joji is EVP, strategy consulting at Insite AI, we explore the potential of Walmart Luminate, the retail giant’s customer insights platform, and consumer brands can optimize their Return on Investment (ROI) through artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive modeling.

AI-powered platforms can leverage Walmart Luminate data, including customer segmentation and lifestyle insights, to optimize assortments, study space planning, and test promotions. The article provides ways CPGs can leverage Walmart Luminate and predictive analytics, emphasizing its potential for SKU- and store-level insights, identifying trends, and enhancing decision-making processes for CPGs.

Kristine Joji is EVP, strategy consulting at Insite AI ( She is the former VP of merchandising at Walmart, leading strategic initiatives that resulted in substantial revenue growth for the retailer across grocery and personal care.