We create predictability for consumer brands in the unpredictable world of retail.

Clarity. Visibility. Predictability.

Withstand Disruption

The only constant in this world is change. Rising inflation, economic uncertainty, and supply disruption make predictability unachievable for many. Our AI-driven systems, services, and strategies enable brands to accurately predict consumer behavior and demand – based upon a unique understanding of the microsegments and clusters that are driving that future behavior and demand.

Gain Market Share

Predict the next trend, prepare for what your shoppers will do next, and capitalize on change. With the battle for shelf space fiercer than ever, Insite AI’s game-changing solutions enable consumer brands to have the speed and agility required to outperform their competitors with a visionary approach to autonomous, predictive planning.

Category Leadership

With seemingly never-ending price increases and conflicting priorities, it’s no surprise, the relationship between retailers and their CPG partners is at an all-time low. Improve your retail partnerships, unlock insights, and become a category leader by creating a strategy that works for your retail partners and your consumers.

Unlocking Insights. Accelerating Visions.

Unify the Myriad of Data

Spend on data is at an all-time high, but what we find is that many brands are not maximizing the value of this often siloed and disparate information. We can help you unify a myriad of data to provide clarity and enable confident decision-making.

Give Your Shoppers What They Want

Our platform incorporates all your data – including POS, financial planning, 3rd party market data, loyalty programs, planograms, marketing calendars, and supply chain data – then rationalizes it so you can make assortment choices for optimal sales.

Tailored Solutions

With the most dynamic and adaptable offerings in the industry, Insite AI is a true innovation partner providing brands with custom solutions built to solve their unique challenges, enabling them to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and outperform their competition.


Insights to accelerate business performance


How to Win with Optimal Product Assortment

Getting product assortment right isn’t easy, but it’s a major key to success for both brand and retailer. There’s an abundance of data available to support pricing and inventory management, but optimising a store’s assortment is still more often than not based on gut feel and many assumptions.

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