The Only AI Platform Exclusively Designed for Large Consumer Brands’ Big Initiatives

The one solution that let’s you address your opportunities with highly accurate, future-looking precision, granularity and transparency. Built by CPG experts for the Consumer Goods industry.

A Highly Configurable Predictive Platform

Virtually all AI-based tools being marketed to CPGs and Consumer Brands today are repurposed from platforms originally designed for retailers. Worse still, they largely function as rigid “black boxes”, forcing your processes to bend to the limitations of their system. In the end, they output results that are difficult to validate and even harder to trust. By contrast, Insite AI’s solution is fully tailored to support your team, your processes, business philosophy.

Scale Across Brands and Customers

The InsiteAI platform is by far the most configurable to your business environment and needs. The autonomously generated recommendations and optimizations are completely transparent, granular and built on your business rules (constraints, heuristics and goals). Our team learns your unique needs, and along with our industry expertise, combine them with our AI technology to create a custom solution that addresses your priorities.

Easy, Secure Integration

The Insite AI solution is deployed 100% in your IT environment, ensuring data never leaves it. We deliver the results you need more quickly and at a lower cost than anyone. The platform’s outputs can be directed to any system, tool, or in any data format.

Optimized Decisions at All Levels of Granularity

To achieve our unmatched predictive, optimized results, Insite AI’s platform incorporates all your data, including POS, financial planning, 3rd party market data, loyalty programs, planograms, promotion and marketing calendars and supply chain data, then rationalizes it. Based on your own planning rules Insite AI will produce millions of assortment, pricing, and promotion possible future scenarios to get autonomous decisions at any level of granularity, down to the store, SKU, and even day. All the dependencies of a decision are connected and visible, giving you unmatched “explain-ability” about why and what happens next against multiple performance measures. With the ability to present fully—in a business context– what went into your predictions, you finally have AI-generated results you can trust.

“Explain-ability” on All Forecasts and Optimizations

You need the ability to reliably understand the dynamics of product mix decisions and demand transference and space elasticity. This includes price elasticity, cross elasticity, and promotion optimization down to the local level. That’s why you need a flexible, robust AI platform that lets you be more agile than your competitors, respond to your customers’ strategic shifts as fast as they present them, react to market conditions and even supply chain disruptions.

Incorporate Your Business Rules

Our unique ability to provide highly granular views lets you make decisions down to the most local level, whether your reach is regional, global or somewhere in between. From onboarding new customers and channels to responding to shifting consumer demands, Insite AI’s platform helps you to effortlessly get to optimal decisions, while being able to see how those decisions were made.

An End-to-End AI-Powered Prediction and Optimization Engine

All running within your cloud environment so you can continually learn and optimize in real time, based on actual data and events, to drive meaningful growth.

Connect every data point and each related factor and analyze every dimension to ensure all facets are able to be considered. You’ll be able to leverage both traditional and alternative data points and formats.

Business rules can be built, reused, or modified at any time to keep up with changing demands and meet evolving challenges. Or, let Insite AI take everything into consideration and then make autonomous decisions

Millions of scenarios are simulated for every request to continually determine best available decisions for optimal execution against rigid KPIs.

Everything is done within your cloud environment, which allows you to remain in charge. You can review and use the outputs in whichever system, tool, or format you

Behavior mapping for each data component at time of ingestion to monitor and use all past, present, and possible future data to make connected decisions.

Other providers give you predictions or suggestions, forcing you to determine which actions to take. Insite AI simulates every scenario, then serves you the best decisions with which actions to take so you can act more quickly with confidence.