Tapping real-time market data and performance forecasts to pick the next winners

10% – 20% market share gain

What we did

A leading brand in the craft beer sector wanted to understand, with a high degree
of accuracy, the demand drivers at the product, category, and store
levels. Utilizing AI elements and powerful predictive capabilities, we gathered
diverse sources of unstructured data to deliver granular insights that
allowed the brand to forecast performance over a two-year duration.

$20MAnnual Revenue Increase


We deployed targeted capabilities in the brand’s environment to assess and track
data points across multiple retailer accounts. Applying sophisticated
data analytics, our platform delivered visibility into growth and atrophy predictions
of various innovation trends, which enabled the team to identify
the next winners.

10-30%above fair share market capture


With Insite AI, this leading craft beer brand quickly developed data-driven forecasts
using macroeconomic factors, shopper behaviors, and other
relevant metrics. The brand can now make better investment decisions by under-
standing real-time market dynamics and their impacts on multiple
business areas.