Taming the data tsunami for better, faster decision making

Won category “Captaincy” at top specialty retailers

What we did

A leading brand in the craft beer sector wanted to elevate its category advisement
at Whole Foods and Sprouts. Applying powerful predictive and AI elements, we
brought together multiple previously unstructured data sources to surface insights
that enriched and accelerated the brand’s planning and decision-making processes.

Create multiple assortments within seconds.


We deployed assortment capabilities in the brand’s environment to ingest and
analyze key data sources. Utilizing a flexible implementation strategy, our platform
quickly delivered critical insights on demand transference so the team could
understand and act upon the incrementality associated with product additions,
deletions, and resulting effects on demand.

Drive value from insights with speed and agility


With Insite AI, this leading craft beer brand swiftly developed clear forecasts on
how their category—and others in the category—are performing within Whole
Foods and Sprouts. The brand can now create multiple assortments within seconds
and recommend the best one.