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Capri Brixey

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CPG Matters: Decoding Complexity: Navigating the Intricacies of the Wine Aisle

The wine retail world is incredibly complex, with a myriad of varietals, state regulations, distributor networks, and consumer preferences to navigate. In this article, Capri Brixey shares insights for wine brands to enhance the consumer experience, strengthen relationships with distributors and retailers, and unlock unprecedented opportunities.

The Candy Aisle Renaissance: From Impulse Buys to Strategic Category Growth

In today’s dynamic and highly competitive market, candy brands are constantly seeking innovative ways to stay ahead. With predictive data, brands can accurately forecast consumer demand, anticipate market trends and tailor their assortments accordingly. Not only does this enhance profitability but it fosters a more personalized and satisfying experience for candy enthusiasts.

How AI Will Revolutionize Annual Business Planning

Annual business planning is enormously important to consumer goods organizations, yet it is still largely done on spreadsheets. What’s more, CPG organizations inform their annual planning decisions using historical data. A strategy built on looking backward to go forward. In this article, Capri Brixey shares how CPGs can incorporate AI into their annual business planning to create a more predictive view of the future.

How Brokers Can Lead the Way in AI Adoption

Through business intelligence and predictive analytics, brokers can ascend to new heights among their CPG partners. They can also strengthen their standing among retailer partners. Moreover, brokers can be a bridge between both, using high-powered AI to uncover common data truths and drive growth across the store.