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We’re Very Retail and Profits First

Our fresh take on AI is the direction big retailers and CPGs will pursue.

Grocery and Household

Fresh and Perishable Goods

Fashion and Apparel

Brands (FMCG to Luxury)

Beauty and Wellness

Pharmacy and Convenience

Footwear, Accessories

Home, Living, Furniture

Home Improvement and Building Supplies

Office Supplies and Stationery

Electronics and Appliances

Sports, Fitness, Outdoors

Baby and Children


Toys and Gaming

Books, Movies, Music

Automotive and Industrial

Regulated Goods

Retail AI Elsewhere Intends Well, but Is Short-sighted

Planning softwares are comprehensive, but expensive, time consuming, built on so-so AI, and only somewhat accurate. They’re built to visualize and organize, not create new value or address opportunity. AI teams are great but projects aren’t repeatable, and are tricky to scale. Productizing a commercial solution internally, and transitioning people to it, let alone real world action and feedback, is tough.

Think Different

The Revolutionary Approach Is Invisible

We’ll deliver your own platform; to plug into all of category management, merchandising & supply chain.

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